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Mistress Thailand

Mistresses Thailand (“Mistresses”) are a highly skilled Dominatrix based in Bangkok, Thailand. Mistresses conduct most of her sessions in Bangkok, 

Mistresses have many years of experience indulging herself in the fetish world of BDSM, fulfilling slaves’ fantasies and fetishes. Mistress will ensure you enjoy your session, whilst pushing your boundaries to their limits to explore your hidden depths!


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Prior to arranging any session, you must beg Mistress’ s indulgence by explaining your play expectations and preferences in an e-mail. Mistress will carefully consider slave e-mails to determine whether new applicants are serious to play, and to gather an understanding of your fantasies and fetishes, your experience level, and your session expectations. Mistress caters to all experience levels (from a novice taking his first steps into BDSM to very experienced slaves). Mistress can be gentle or severe – rest assured your deepest desires will be fulfilled. Mistresses have own dungeon at  Sukhumvit area or Mistresses could be at your hotel room.



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